The Foal Project

Two Phase Project. The first phase was the creation of a studio. The second phase is a home renovation on the same property.


Project Description | This studio with its office, media room and supporting spaces is the first phase in a comprehensive architectural upgrade to a 1980s ranch. This first phase addresses the basement and its garage, the mechanical and plumbing systems, connectivity to the exterior and upper floor, and the durability and energy performance of the envelope. Originally a leaky & dark energy hog, the newly renovated space is light, airy, and energy efficient. Material finishes and details balance minimalism, economy, sustainability and honesty to establish a healthy, warm and serene interior. Designed to meet Passive House EnerPHit standards, the envelope and slab are optimized to minimize air infiltration, enhance thermal performance, and eliminate thermal bridging while allowing water vapor diffusion. The resulting architecture is durable and thermally comfortable, inhospitable to mold with healthy indoor air (no mold).

Role | Project Architect


Project Description | This is the second phase to a comprehensive upgrade and expansion to a 1980s ranch. This phase addresses the existing first floor plan, its envelope, and expands to a second floor. In addition to envelope enhancements consistent with the first phase (such as dramatic energy performance and the durability upgrades), the design seeks connectivity to outdoor spaces and views, an ease and inevitability in spatial relationships, an openness and honest expression of materials, simplicity & economy in detailing, and a warmth & serenity in material finishes.

Role | Project Architect