Information for Selecting an Architect for your project

we believe you should have an architect that is going to work best with you and for your building project

Selecting the right architect to design the interior and exterior of your future home, the renovation to your existing home, or the construction of your commercial business should be an important task. Recognizing how big this decision can be guides Liminal through a careful process to build an architect-client relationship which will lead to the best possible design result and best final building construction.  Learn about the Liminal Process | Here |.

Licensed architects are specialists. Part of becoming one is to understand a multitude of details, products, and technologies within a specific field of design. This only happens with years of experience and continuing education. In order to find the right residential architect you've got to ask the right questions.

The Following is a short video produced by the AIA, which provides information on how to select an architect for your project.